2010 Nibi~Anishinabe Kwewag
She Holds Them All
Anishinabe ~ Echos of Creation
Anishinabe Kwewag
A Slice Of Water
Dancing For Our Grandchildren
Dancing Into Balance
Facing The Future By Learning The Past
Flying Home On Beads of The Traded Past
Holding On
Keepers Of New Knowledge
Ma en gun Swims
Mukwa Geezis Bear Moon
Medicine Teachings
Migration Of The Soul
Moon In His Eyes
Spirit On The Water
Our Home And Native Land
Songs of The Ancients
Mining The Sacred
True North Strong And Free Is Weeping
Water Connection
Animikeeg and Nokimis Thunder Beings and Grandmother Moon
Sacred Roots
Transforming Indigenous Freedom
Edges of Creation
Spirits of Spring
See What I Dream