2014 earthrebirth - The Seven Fires Prophesy
1st Fire - Finding Home
2nd Fire - Back to The Traditions
3rd Fire - Rising Up With Turtle
4th Fire - Hunting Windigo
4th Fire - One of Peace One of Struggle
4th Fire - If The Rivers Run With Poison And Fish Become Unfit To Eat
5th Fire - Fracking Bones of a Culture
5th Fire - O Kanata - We Are A Village Rising INM
6th Fire - Creation Tears Tides and Moon Times
6th Fire - Generations of Empty Arms
6th Fire - The Abomination of Creation
6th Fire - Windigo Eats His Own
7th Fire - Retracing Their Steps
7th Fire - Awaking After The Great Sleep
7th Fire - Rebirth of a Nation
8th Fire - Bee Medicine
8th Fire - Saving Seeds
8th Fire - Seed Blown Prayers
8th Fire - Mending A Mother In The Language of The Dear (Dyptich)