Available Prints (Unframed) and Books
Transforming Indigenous Freedom (PRINT 12 X 18)
Into The Circle Of Life (PRINT 12 X 18)
White Buffalo Peace (PRINT 12 X 18)
Grandmother Pulls Me (PRINT 12 X 18)
Finding Blue Jays Voice (PRINT 12 X 18)
Blue Roads Answering Prayers (PRINT 12 X 16)
Blue Roads Answering Prayers (PRINT 16 X 20)
Red Roads Protection (PRINT 16 X 20)
Red Roads Protection (PRINT 20 X 24)
Warrior Chief (PRINT 12 X 18)
Early Morning Prayers (PRINT 12 X 18)
Council of the Crows (PRINT 12 X 12)
Spirit Needs Sacrifice (PRINT 12 X 18)
Silent Head Winds (PRINT 12 X 18)
Lessons of a Mother (PRINT 12 X 18)
Creation - A Spirit Place (PRINT 12 X 12)
Series Statement: Available Prints (Unframed) and Books
Metallic Giclee Prints are Available.

These are signed Limited Edition prints of my original wood paintings. Printed on metallic archival paper using archival inks, providing deep, rich colours, and a silver pearlescent finish, that more closely represents the originals.

If a print is not available for a painting that your would like to purchase please send me an email at lauralee@lauraleekharris.com and I will get you a price and delivery time,